Ensuring a Profitable Cannabis Operation

The quickly emerging Cannabis industry is a game changer; we put you at the forefront of the industry. Commercial Cannabis Source™ (CCS) is focused on identifying trends and opportunities that lead to building proven, successful business models. Our experts develop fact-based solutions to help maximize yield and the integrity of the crops while minimizing waste and mistakes.

CCS focuses on the strategic needs of our clients’ operations to determine the needs to support their short and long-term health. Our clients are able to have confidence in their investment in commercial cannabis production and cultivation. We ensure that operations have the foundation needed to operate with the agility and effectiveness to achieve enduring profitability.

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The Commercial Cannabis Source™

Industrial Cannabis Cultivation Home Industrial Cannabis Cultivation

World Class experts backed by the experience needed to establish and maintain a profitable cannabis cultivation operation.

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Industrial Cannabis Cultivation Home Industrial Cannabis Cultivation

Commercial Cannabis Source™ has a wide range of technical abilities and practical experience that we utilize to provide custom solutions for each individual project.

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If you are considering making investment decisions in the cannabis industry you need to speak with the Commercial Cannabis Source™. We are commercial cannabis experts.

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Highest Quality systems are based on the individual needs and goals of a profitable growing operation. 

  • maximize the use of space for optimum yield
  • minimize the risk of disease and pests
  • shorten the growing cycle
  • reduce labor costs
  • lower energy costs
  • ensure the integrity of the strain
  • scalable designs to protect your investment
  • efficient chemical and water usage
  • automation to reduce inefficiencies
  • years of expertise with excellent reputation and references
  • highest quality of products in the industry


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